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Dear Love,

Lately I've been staring at your pictures, trying to figure out the right words to say to express these feelings I have inside. The words that will deeply but softly touch your heart and soul. The kind of words you've been wanting to hear for so long. Yet it seems useless when you will hardly look my way.

So I decided to right you this letter...

Silly of me to think it will change your mind... but it never hurts to try...

Baby....I miss you. I miss you so much it's driving me insane hoping and praying you'll come back and give us a second chance.

When I look at you I am spellbound looking into your deep brown eyes.

I stayed up all night trying to figure out the right words. Then I began to think - What wprds would touch your ears like music, making you cry tears of happiness.

Then it hit me. The words I was searching for had already been spoken, several times but - I never meant a single word............til now.

So Baby I want to tell you those words, and I mean with every ounce of body and soul, from the bottom of my heart, now and forever Baby......

I love you - I Love You - I LOVE YOU

Forever yours




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